World Cup of Music 2010 June 12

Vote for Matches Saturday June 12

Review of Matches Friday June 11

South Africa started with the best opening goal I can remember, Shabalala’s goal reminded me of Dalglish putting Rush through with a Brasilian finish; Mexico kept going. Uruguay v France was in M Hulot territory, Domenech falling out with his best player before the game. Uruguay looked limited but effective. France calmed down to gain a point.

Group B South Korea v Greece

South Korea; Represented here by the K-Pop of Korean Music TV. I’ve looked at a few of these K-Pop videos and to me they look like Simon Cowell’s choice of music for a Clockwork Orange droogscape. Frighteningly on the money. Let’s hope there is more than Route One to come from South Korea. – Magic by One Way;  

Greece; I am going with Mikis Theodorakis on this opening one, just to contrast with the madly consumerist K-Pop. Greece has history like we have weather and here is a great video from the soundtrack to award-winning film Z by Costas-Gavras capturing some modern history. I once went to see a Theodorakis concert full of great music in Rome. Greek translated into Italian; sounds like a recipe for footballing success.

Group B; Argentina v Nigeria

Argentina; Like France doomed to failure with a mad coach but with a squad of galacticos. Musically one of the most interesting countries in the world right now with Nuevo Tango and Narcotango revitalising their music. Buenos Aires is now one of the cool club cities whilst their economy shows us how to do double-dip gloriously. However to start off with there is only one possible tune La Gloria; inspired by the famous Hand of God goal by Maradona this is the Gotan Project acting out every schoolboys fantasy, describing themselves scoring a goal in the World Cup.

Nigeria; A recent BBC documentary by Jonathan Dimbleby picked up on the new hip-hop scene in Lagos. Nigeria has a fabulous musical heritage and I am a big fan of 70s Nigerian musicians, check the recent Soundways compilation, such as Juju King Sunny Ade, who Vampire Weekend happily steal from, and Afrobeat Fela-Ransome Kuti and his sons. Of whom I think I prefer Femi Kuti. I love Let’s Make History but here with a well Nigerian video is Beng, Beng, Beng, Let’s Make…: 

Group C; England v USA

England created modern popular music because, although we have a rigid class system, we didn’t have the social apartheid that delayed American musical development until we exported black musical sensibilities back to them. So we can portray this as a clash of differing musical ethos as well as terminology. Ironically “soccer” is an English term, developed by Upper Class Boys at Public Schools to differentiate Football codes; Association (FA) “soccer” Rugby, “rugger.” England have a lot of experience at musical football but rarely get it right. They did in 1990; post-punk football for the big match World in Motion;

USA World leading musical industry with a phenomenal range of styles and standard of music, more complete than the UK with sub-genres, like Americana, and events, like SXSW, more complete that some countries entire music scene. Because she is name-checked by Bob Dylan, works with Jay-Z and is classically trained, it has to be Alicia Keys and Empire State of Mind. From the Big Apple melting pot a big tune with a big performance;


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