World Cup of Music 2010 June 13

Vote for Games Saturday June 13

Review of Matches Saturday June 12

Well the big game in England was England v USA and I watched the game with friends. As I expected we drew 1-1, it was a huge game for the USA as well, yet most people in England appear to have forgotten that the other team turn up and play. Golden rule in group games is draw with toughest opponents and win the other two, and evolve the team; Joe Hart for me. Argentina looked like a fabulous group of players united incoherently whilst Nigeria improved as their coach worked out their problems. South Korea attacked with every possession and Greece looked surprised that their game plan wasn’t respected. So on to today’s games.

Group C Algeria v Slovenia

Algeria; My knowledge of Algerian music is through Rai which originated in Oran and I am a big fan of Cheb Khaled. He was introduced to me by some lads on the Marrakech Express (top speed 35 mph) with a ghetto blast of Didi. But the first Khaled I bought was a tape with Le Camel; 

Slovenia; Lets’ hope that Slavoj Žižek‘s recent book First as Tragedy, Then as Farce doesn’t sum up Slovenia’s second World Cup. The only Slovenian musicians I am aware of are Laibach, part of Neue Slowenische Kunst who re-recorded Let It Be in Slovenian when there was no rock music in Slovenia; or Slovenian. The winner of this game will cause England problems. Controversially this is Laibach (Ljubljana in German) with a tune used in Spiderman, Panorama; 

Group D Serbia v Ghana

Serbia; have a rich and mixed musical tradition like much of the Balkans with gypsy and brass music evolving now that Communism doesn’t restrict it to Song Festivals. That odd Eastern European tradition is now channelled into the Eurovision Song Contest. Serbia is one country looking to its own traditions. Here is one of them, as featured in the film Black Cat White Cat, Goran Bregović with Bubamara;

Ghana; has almost as strong and varied a musical tradition as Nigeria, focussed around Highlife which I first heard when I moved to London in the seventies. It is part of the West African region which arguably gave more music to the world than America. As many Ghanaian expats return to the country in the 21st Century it is developing a vibrant new musical culture as the economy starts to take off. Ghana are tipped to be the best African team in the tournament so this could be a cracking game. Here is the very modern Richie Rockstone with an award-winning video for best African video 2004 Fa me bone kyE me;

Group D Germany v Australia

Germany; probably have the longest tradition of quality music of any contestant because of the classical traditions of their capellmeisters. Their post-war popular music has been distorted by Schlager and Oktoberfests but the Krautrock tradition heroically decided to re-invent modern music without reference to American music and bequeathed us a whole range of computer-driven music, especially by “factory” boys Kraftwerk;   

Australia; have a mixed musical history tradition which ranges from their unique 60,000 year old “songlines” which can be said to define the continent, through Rolf Harris and Sun Arise to Mango Pickle Down River. The biggest-selling rock album of all time is by AC-DC and the biggest selling disco album of all time is by the BeeGees, so Oz does do mega as well as historic.  Harry Kewell promises to score but a German friend thinks Germany are stronger without Ballack. Although Yothu Yindi initially made a hit breakthrough with indigenous music  they now have the World Music sensation of 2009 with the Yolngu singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. This is the single Bapa;


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