World Cup of Music June 17

Second Games June 17

Review of Matches June 16; Some real shocks at last with Spain, so good that they can leave Fabregas on the bench, losing 1-0 to Hitzfeld’s incredibly well-organised Switzerland, recently defeated by Luxembourg. Iker Casillas looks shot as a goalie to me, much re-organisation needed by the yet-to-be anointed Iberians. Switzerland didn’t tire but South Africa did, ripped apart by Europa League star goal-scorer Forlan. Chile were a well-organised constant threat and even Honduras don’t look easy. Spain might need a hatful against them. The ball however is pants, or lederhosen as it is made by Adidas. Seemingly built by NASA it is kept at the same pressure at sea-level and altitude. Todays Theme Tune is the outrageously catchy and bewitchingly daft Konono No 1 by Congotronics;

Group B; The two successful attacking teams Argentina and Korea meet so tactically, as they both have wins, a draw serves them well. But I think Korea attack naturally so with Argentina having something to prove this could catch fire. Greece and Nigeria both need a win for one of them to have chance of second place; two red card job I reckon, Nigeria to edge it.

Argentina v Korea June 17

Argentina; No question as to what I will pick this time for such a big game. Astor Piazzolla is credited with creating nuevo tango but Gustavo Santaolalla is the maestro of Argentinian music today. He is also an accomplished writer of movie soundtracks, such as Babel and Brokeback Mountain both of which won him Oscars. Bajofondo Tango Club is the kind of side project most of us would see as a life’s work but this Argentinian / Uruguayan collective makes great electric tango. Live, this is Montserrat;

Korea; Korean Wave, Koreanophilia, driven by the Net Generation in South Korea, has had a major cultural impact in Pacific Rim countries and derives from Koreas heavy investment in technology industries.  The primary cultural driver is film and the resultant popularity of the Korean Language. To these Western ears this product-driven culture isn’t very interesting but it is very clean; and full of the boy bands of K-Pop. TVXQ have been very popular in many countries, such as Malaysia. Still Mirotic was their naughty song. The Commission of Youth Protection ruled in 2009 that the lyric “I Got You Under My Skin” was “inappropriate for minors.” But then Danes wrote it; so Skin was replaced by Sky. Mirotic (Maze);

Greece v Nigeria June 17

Greece; Mainstream music in Greece focusses on good singers belting out romantic songs, which I never understand, more of a music man myself. A huge hit in 2005, as you can tell from the audience singin along, here is Sakis with To Hrono Stamatao;

Nigeria; I went with Afrobeat for the last Nigerian selection but the 2009 Album of the Year in Nigeria was Mushin 2 Hits by Wande Coal. Urban West African Hip-Hop that is big in clubs in Lagos, and elsewhere. Promoting a Bling lifestyle here is Wande Coal with Bumper to Bumper;

Group A; France v Mexico June 17

France; Boum turned out to be an entirely inappropriate song given the misfiring start France offered. So let’s go with the glitteringly catchy Phoenix and their great 1901. Oh I’ve used 1901 before! OK then, as they could do with some help from beaten World Cup finalists here is a driving Lisztomania;

Mexico; A massive seller in Mexico in 2009, where U2 and Shakira were  also popular, was Front Row, Primera Fila, by Vicente Fernández. This is his 80th album release and it is a live album. From the tracks I’ve heard Urge blends a big voice, a big hat and a big orchestra to emotional effect. Mexico 1-0 then, Urge

In case they have forgotten these are the goals France scored on the way to South Africa. A handy check for us all;


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