World Cup of Music June 18

Second Games June 18

Review of matches June 17; More matches mattered so more excitement, ranging from the quality of Argentina’s football to the entirely predictable lack of intelligence from Domenech’s France who, as we predicted, are effectively out now. Mexico, like Chile, are quick and exciting, outplaying and out thinking France, and should qualify with Uruguay. Anyone notice how many Man City & Man Utd players have scored? A completely pointless red card decided Nigeria’s fate when they were leading, and Greece, but perhaps not coach Rehagel, discovered that if you attacked the other side they make mistakes. Korea were overwhelmed by Messi but did score, so must have hopes of qualifying; their final match with Greece could be a cracker. Todays Theme Tune is Tebe by Kottarashky from Bulgaria as we have have two Slavic teams playing today. The YouTube playlist of all these songs is on fredg136;

Preview of Matches June 18; rampant Germany, buoyed by their long experience with the dreadful “kick and fly” Jabulani ball, take on Serbia, who looked like a Croatia B-team when they were unlucky just to draw with New Zealand. If Serbia arent at their best they will be out and Germany through. Group C offers the USA a chance to take on Group leaders Slovenia who they should beat whilst England have Algeria, with a poor goalie, whom they should comfortably beat if they gain their composure. Fabio Capello is a very lucky 64 today and owns a lucky Yellow Submarine (by Lamborghini). As it ages, Group C will remain wide open to the last game.

Germany v Slovenia June 18

Germany ; Quite hard to find useful information on best-selling German records, but according to the INFINITY Charts UNHEILIG’s single  “Geboren um zu leben” (Born to Live) is the biggest selling German language record in Germany this year. Powerful, uplifting and with a precise finish, it is but a Metaphor in the game of life. Geboren um zu leben;

Serbia; It is but two years since Serbia staged the Eurovision Song Contest after winning it in 2007. Marija Šerifović sang Molitva and stole our hearts and votes. The reason Eastern European countries have dominated the Eurovision Song Contest is that they had song contests under Communism, sort of a Socialist Realism version of Simon Cowell, so every young singer grew up taking Song Contests seriously. We dont. Always just one successful song contest away from a Dacha, and a Lada, Molitva;

Slovenia v USA June 18

Slovenia; What a relief, discovered Katalena, a genuine Slovenian singer who is taking advantage of the post-communist thaw to create some original music in Slovenian. This is the keening Da gora ta Skarbinina, a haunting celebration, with a nice video of the mountain Skarbinina. This is what Web 2.0 is for. Da gora ta Skarbinina;

USA; Endless options to represent the USA but we are focusing on best sellers in Game 2 and the biggest selling album in 2009 in the USA was Fearless by Taylor Swift. Pretty anodyne but pretty, I’m guessing each download came with a poster. Would you want to interrupt her at an awards ceremony, or do you reckon she sounds like a young Dolly Parton, but with better producers? OK that was the biggest single but I don like it. Here is Diane Birch with Valentino;

England v Algeria June 18

Ingerland; Selling only slightly less than Taylor Swift in the USA was the somewhat immobile Susan Boyle with I Dreamed a Dream, the fastest selling debut album of all time in the UK. Fortunately someone was mad enough to get her to sing Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones and she makes a pretty good string-driven thing of it. Mad Ant thinks we should listen to Chant Like An England Fan but I was out the 1996 Quarter Final when Engand beat Spain on penalties (yeah, once). We sang Three Lions, but we also sang “and every run that Gazza does is winding, and every goal that Shearer scores is blinding” Chant Wonderwall;

Algeria A Clash of The Titans, or just the re-appropriation of cultural diversity? I’m sure Rachid Taha has a plan but it is difficult to tell when he sings live, great live performer though. This features a brilliant mix of Egyptian style strings, dombak rhythms, rock and a flute (don’t forget to check tomorrow flute). Gallic shrugs and fags from Algerian Taha who can sell you anything, Rock The Casbah;


4 Responses to “World Cup of Music June 18”

  1. We’d love you to perhaps feature our England song on your blog one day… perhaps in time for their next match?

  2. Thanks Mad Ant!
    Anyone who clicks on the link can hear their charity single “Chant like an English Fan” based on Walk Like an Egyptian and a good song for today

  3. Cheers Fred,

    You’re tops! What a performance (or not) by England today!

  4. Apperently you’re a fan from cool music aswell!
    I found your songs on an awesome streaming-player!
    It can directly spile the database from EMI, Sony Music & Universal with better quality than mp3 or CD!!
    If you like, we can swap our playlists! Legaly! XD
    my other favorites:

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