World Cup of Music June 19

Second Games June 19

Review of Matches June 18; another day of exciting developments, real football, missing persons; oh and Germany missed a penalty! A Spanish ref helped Serbia take Germany apart with a great goal; USA v Slovenia was a real thriller, the teams matching each other for skill and invention; the Yanks win 2-2, this time on disallowed goals, in the match of the tournament so far. England lost 0-0 this time, but then they didn’t turn up. Football is a game of two teams and England weren’t one of them, whilst Algeria played with freedom and improved on their 2010 African Nations Cup Semi-Final when they froze after destroying the  favourites Cote d’Ivoire in the Quarters. So with African football having a significant impact yesterday, and with Malian referee M. Coulibaly determining that the USA won on disallowed goals, there can only be one possible Theme Tune today; Coulibaly by the award winning Amadou and Mariam. Here they are at Bonnaroo 2009 in the USA warning Yanks not to trust referee Coulibaly

Preview of Matches June 19; Ghana beat Serbia beat Germany beat Australia; so Ghana will thrash the Aussies? I don’t think so! Bore draw except for the fisticuffs? Perhaps. However a win for Ghana would create an interesting scenario where Germany might not qualify from Group D; draw? Whereas in Group E the two winners from the first game, Holland and Japan, meet and a draw would suit them both so it could a dull game, perhaps. I think they will both come out and play but Holland may shut the game down. Conversely only one of Cameroon and Denmark, who both played well, have a chance to qualify and only if they win; this could be a tough and crunching game as it is all about the result. Will coach Paul Le Guen finally play Eto’o play as a striker, or is he Domenech in disguise?

Holland v Japan June 19

Holland; Holland has a good tradition of rock bands, so much so that I was tempted to play Radar Love. However I decided to stay Within Temptation, one of the most popular of newer Dutch bands with a Cranberries sound. They have a new album soon but here is a strong single from the end of 2009 Angels. Oh their record company have disabled the video; does the band know that? So it is Golden Earring, another 70s Dutch band who can play live, with the wonderful Cesar Zuiderwijk on drums and Radar Love

Japan; Going along with the loose theme of this round of posts, relating to the second round games, of the biggest selling singles and songs from each country, here are the Top Ten Japanese singles of all time. A very strange bunch, worth going through all of them if this taster thrills you. So what is the biggest selling Japanese single of all time? A 1975 kids song that went mega, and probably has a cultural resonance  that escapes anyone not there at the time. A strange video, a kind of Psychedelic Oliver Postgate. This is Masato Shimon, who spent 50,000 yen to make his 5 million selling, but baffling, swimming (oyoge) song Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun

Ghana v Australia June 19

Ghana; Ghanaian Hiplife is a joyful modern dance music that has been around, for some years, since 1980 in fact. Hiplife, as you can hear is a fusion fof Highlife and hip-hop. Most dancers take their hoplife to the floor when they show off their hiplife moves. Hiplife is light and danceable, the music is uplifting and the videos are amusing. Here is Reggie Zippy featuring Nightmare on Virgin (can I say that? 

Australia; Whilst Australia embraced The Beatles even more intensely that the USA in 1964, it didnt produce as powerful a consequence, or as diverse a music industry. However Aussie bands pop up from time to time that are special and sometimes even endure. Midnight Oil are one of those, and this is an Unplugged version of their classic Beds Are Burning;

Cameroon v Denmark June 19

Cameroon A slinky mix of High-Life and Afrobeat Cameroon popular music has the rhythm and hs that seemingly endless quality that makes for great dancefloor music. This video captures the shimmying happiness of their dancing really well, living the highlife on the rooftop, and is by Petit Pays who is interested in his News Paper  

Denmark; Conversely Danish music, perhaps not the jazz, is shorter and more functional; cool and Scandinavian in fact. One of the best of the new bands are Alphabeat who have had some international success with their smart poppy music for young design professionals; they give good video. Here they demonstrate their winningly pastel ways with Fascination

Is Jovanovic’s goal the best of the tournament so far? Or Maicon, Donovan, Elano or???


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