World Cup of Music June 20

Second Games June 20

Review of Matches June 19; Having something depending on the second round games provided us with some real excitement. Cameroon learnt how to fire, scored and went out as Denmark’s Rommedahl appeared to be the first player who has worked out that you power the ball at 75% of normal. As Craig Johnston said on the BBC, the ball is ruining this World Cup. FIFA’s Jewel and they are tarnishing it, unlike Holland’s Schneijder who used the old-fashioned tactic of giving the ball some welly and relying on the Japanese goalie to be beaten by the flight; it’s just like cricket. Japan knew they were virtually through with a draw and played a tournament strategy. Holland just played the game and won. Ghana and Australia, playing with intelligence after losing Kewell, shared a thrilling draw which actually served Ghana, and Germany, well. Australia produced the first effective free kick but then, like Nigeria, had a man sent off when in control. As Holland qualified todays Theme Tune, featuring some yodelling-flute wrong rock from the Dutch band Focus, is Hocus Pocus; picked by Nike for their World Cup advert. This is a live version from a Japanese TV run of Gladys Knight’s US show. As Michael J Fox predicted in Back To The Future the 1973 audience just love the flashy virtuosity. Focus Hocus Pocus;

Preview of Matches June 20; Slovakia v Paraguay will be a tough game, maybe a great one as both these teams play football. Slovakia were comfortably in charge against New Zealand before giving away a late goal, Paraguay matched Italy and could have won with more ambition. However both could qualify, so perhaps this is a draw. Italy play New Zealand who will want a draw, so this could be very stale if Pirlo is still missing. On the other hand Brasil play Cote d’Ivoire! Both wear colourfully confident strips and should colourfully tear strips off each other. Expectation, great match with yet another surprisingly lucky goal from a keeper blunder (as the UK Times described Maicon’s brilliant goal).

Slovakia v Paraguay June 20

Slovakia; Interestingly not only were the Slovaks responsible for the unique Shepherd’s flute the Fujara, the Dopyera brothers also invented the DOBRO, or Resonator, guitar, so the Slovakian contribution to music is more in the craft surrounding the instruments than in the music itself. Those of you not familiar with the Dobro might recognise it’s sound from this video demonstration of slide dobro. But here is Jerry Douglas explaining the origins of the Dobro;

Paraguay Paraguayan musical development seems to have been limited by the years of the Stroessner dictatorship, not unlike North Korea.. Paraguay was incredibly repressive for decades, although when I visited it two years ago it was a madly colourful clash between Latin and Andean cultures.  According to Music of Paraguay José Asunción Silva is possibly the most progressive Paraguayan classical musical artist, fusing classical and local guarani forms. This setting of his Nocturno sounds moodily like Rave On John Donne by Van Morrison. Nocturno;

Italy v New Zealand June 20

Italy; We hinted at Italy’s pretensions to the operatic (as if you didnt know!) and the biggest selling operatic star in recent years has been Andrea Bocelli. You might, however, prefer Mina’s classic best seller version from the sixties when Italian style was modern and forward-looking rather than the dull formalism it has now become in the Berlusconi years. Still it is distinctively Italian; more on the history of Italian songs here. This is Bocelli with his full, ripe and classy version of  La Voce del Silenzio

New Zealand I was told by a New Zealand friend of mine (hi Andy) that New Zealand has more music than just  Crowded House. He is right  course! They have Flight of The Conchords who are not only the “fourth best comedy folk-rock duo in New Zealand” they are actually the very best in the world. Can they inspire a 4-1 result against Italy as a consequence and gain revenge for Australia? Not a chance. Instead let us bid farewell to France with this loving tribute to the croissant. Plus belle qu’un poubelle,  Foux de Fa Fa;

Brasil v Ivory Coast June 20

Brasil; We looked at Sao Paulo last time and Suba’s underpinning of the club revolution, so lets get mellow this time with the Carioca’s of Rio. One of the scariest sights in the world for a football fan is to watch the average Brasilian play footvolley on one of Rio’s beaches; awesome control for fun. Having watched one of Brasil’s qualifying games in La Garota de Ipanama I am tempted to play that, or some Bossa Nova, but Seu Jorge is more contemporary and deliberately fuses rock and samba styles on his most recent album America do Brasil. This is, updating the music of Carnaval, what else but Samba Rock;

Ivory Coast; The Ivory Coast has a lot of regional folk variations but typically for modern West African music it now features a fusion of various musical styles,usually with a sinous dance beat to it. Solo Jah Gunt is a dance track from 2007 and features a great video which, in part, is a Cote d’Ivoire travelogue. Musique Afrique de Cote d’Ivoire Bobi Uk with Solo Jah Gunt;


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