World Cup of Music June 21

Second Group Games 2010

Review of matches June 20; No surprises as the Southern hemisphere continues to dominate. The attacking Paraguay showing why they beat both Argentina and Brasil in qualifying as they outclassed Slovakia, Brasil sucked up the supposed threat of Cote d’Ivoire as Sven continues to show that he can’t motivate in the second half  and, oh yeah New Zealand got their best ever result in International Football winning 1-1 over a classically dirty Lippi Italy; still without Pirlo. Foux de Fa Fa indeed! New Zealand is on its back as I write (it’s the time difference) and France, as predicted here, is on its way back (it’s the coach difference). So after some glorious football, amazing upsets, strange karma and brilliant goals, like Elano’s, let’s have some joyful West African dance music as todays Theme Tune. Mory Kante, from Guinea and Ye Ke Ye Ke

Preview of matches June 21; Today is the last of the second group games and starts with a repeat of the most amazing World Cup match of all time, North Korea 3 – 5 Portugal in 1966. I think Ronaldo will prevail in a 1-0, but any team that had six months off to prepare for 3 games is going to be superfit and dangerous. The big game in Group H is between the two winners, wonderful Chile and the big cheeses of Switzerland. Chile beat the Swiss last time they reached the final in 1962 and put the jinx on them by eating Swiss Cheese; Sunday Chile Fondue. I expect Spain to only win 1-1 in the now customary USA style, as the Hondurans are enduringly Latin (the key tactic in this World Cup), unless Spain stop trying to score beautiful goals with the disgraceful ball. Craig Johnston explains why here.

Portugal v North Korea;

Portugal; An influence on Ennio Morricone the extraordinarily powerful singing of Amalia Rodrigues the Rainha do Fado predates Mariza’s work, who also sang Black Boat . This is the classical fado that Amalia herself developed defining what a fadista could do, and which later influenced Mariza.  Barco Negra;

North Korea; Already by the second video the Peoples Republic of Korea are out of interesting songs, so here is the thrillingly martial No Motherland Without You. The Korean lyrics, delivered in a Maoist style, enumerate the superpowers of Kim Jong-Il, including purchasing Radiohead’s In Rainbows without using Foreign Currency; impressive. No Motherland Without You, and so much of it too; 당신이없으면, 조국도 없다;  

Chile v Switzerland

Chile; The nueva cancion movement of the fifties and sixties was suppressed under Pinochet and music in Chile failed to develop. Chile had a world-class pianist, in Claudio Arrau, who was taught by Krause who played with Liszt. However Chile’s music in recent years has been revitalised by the children of exiles from Pinochet’s regime, known as la armada chilena. Fittingly enough here are the winningly calm Panico with Futbol. Goooooollllll!

Switzerland; Since 1990 the Swiss music scene has been revitalised by rappers and musicians from various ethnic minorities, including German speakers, such that the scene is more diverse than it has ever been. The biggest selling artist has been DJ Bobo, who has his own channel on YouTube, and tours successfully around all of Europe. He has been the largest selling Swiss musician ten times. Here he is, featuring some splashy kicking, with the club dance track from 1995 Freedom;

Spain v Honduras

Spain; Post Franco Spain has been one of the most liberal countries in Europe and one of the most experimental musically. This is a song from this weeks Top Ten (June 2010) in Spain, which is where the Spanish team would like to end up. Two young brothers José and David Muñoz from Cornella called Estopa, whom, like Ojos de Brujo, have a mixed sound style called sonido callejero. Run Run (with Rosario);  

Honduras; As well as the more folk origins of the regional Garifuna music, Honduras has music for the clubs, and like large parts of the Gulf of Mexico, Reggaeton is the big musical style for this tropical country. This is Salvaje y Daymaku with Mujer

Lego Football World Cup England v USA; For those of you who have forgotten what an England goal looks like, or who don’t believe me when I say the Jabulani ball is a problem, here is a replay. Easily outwitting FIFA les acteurs LEGO sont plus intelligents que les joueurs de football;


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