World Cup of Music June 26

Second Round Matches June 26

Review of Matches, June 25; So the titanic clash was rubbish, as both Portugal and Brasil had qualified. Ivory Coast came alive, or North Korea rolled over, but far too late. Brasil now have to face the fast-paced pressing Chile who looked exciting until their goalkeeper rushed out and gave the ball to the subdued Villa; who then scored a fabulous Waddlesque goal and put Spain safely through. Switzerland could have benefitted but their ugly goal policy didnt work against the excellent Honduras. Switzerland’s role seems to have been to wake up Spain whose only problem is Torres lack of fitness. We now have the worst overall performance by the big, rich and greedy European teams since, well probably since the Latin Americans first held a World Cup in Montevideo in 1930. Sepp Blatter now looks like a visionary compared to the likes of Domenech and Lippi. I’ve been wondering what my eleven best players so far might be and today Barnsley-born (hi Dad!) ex-Ireland manager Mick McCarthy picks his. Reads like the eleven players he could afford to sign for his Wolverhampton Wanderers, whose most famous fan is Robert Plant. His Strange Sensations want to Shine the fame All Around;

Preview of Second Round Matches July 26; The theme of this World Cup has been Southern Hemisphere success against Northern Hemisphere hubris and under-achievement. Ghana arent really Southern Hemisphere but they are African and hopefully they will stay in the tournament, not least for their hiplife music. But I think the USA are brilliantly organised, competitive, experienced in South Africa and in Landon Donovan have one of the players of the tournament, so will prevail. And I used to play and coach soccer in the USA, but this is a really even match. As is Korea, exciting going forward, against Uruguay, whose music has been a great discovery. Again I am going with the greater experience and organisation of Uruguay, who I expect to meet Brasil in the semis, but Korea can score.

Uruguay; As you know I think we should Let There Be Drums so, despite the Tango and the Milonga, I have loved discovering the great Hugo Fattoroso and the Afro-Uruguayan drumming of Candombe. I love the fact that condombe is seen as a cultural activity that brings communities together “for many Montevideans candombe is not just a music, it’s a way of life.” So here is a long candombe track from 1986 by my man Hugo Fattoruso, featured on piano here, but from “Barrio Sur” on the Rio Plata. These are the talented people of “Grupo del Cuareim” with a great video and a brilliant discovery Caminando;

Korea; I’m not a fan of K-Pop, Simon Cowell music with Kanji characters, so I am desperate for something different that the Committee for Youth Protection arent keeping their e-safety eyes on. Korea; Japan without the originality, both in terms of football and music this time around. Well having searched for the protest songs Norae Undong, I found some Tong Guitar videos (boys in bedrooms paying tribute to Taylor Swift!) and finally a classical Korean flute and guitar ensemble piece, er without the flute, but live! I think you guys are going out anyway (phew! Korea and music go together like fish and bicycle) but this is a solidly formal performance of Tong (Byong-Uk Lee);

USA; I’ve been a bit flakey with picking good tunes from the USA so for today I will pick what my iTunes tells me is my most played track from the United States of Music. And, G0o Goo Ga Ga it’s the underrated Spoon. Well there you go, any indie band who name themselves after German Group Genii Can are all right by me, obviously. So go on and enjoy yourself USA as we all lay back and get Back to the Life

Ghana; Big Tings from Ghana West Africa; We love Ghanaian Hiplife (here’s the early joyous Reggie Zippy video) but as the opponents are the USA here is a wonderful Ghanaian Hip-Hop single where the video makers take a pop at the US; as they say “what represents black people on your flag” USA? Terrific hip-hop with a great drum sound and singing, along with the usual tropes. Hello to everyone reading this in Ghana! This is Bollie with the brilliant You May Kiss the Bride (official Bollie video here). What!  Are they being ironic? Ok boys this is great stuff so we will chorus MMMwah!  Kiss The Bride ;

Not many LEGO World Cup Matches left to show, it takes the lad who makes them about 15 hours a video. So here is Germany demolishing Australia 4-0, but in plastic;


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