World Cup of Music June 27

Second Round Matches June 27

Review of Matches June 26. Just two, but they were knockout matches, and in different ways both were thrilling. Uruguay, as I expected, prevailed against Korea due to two goals from Suarez. Great ; I can play some more Uruguyan music! Whilst Forlan has been the focal point of Uruguayan attacks Suarez is a very hard-working and shoots on sight. They combined for the first and after Korea equalised Suarez finished them off with a fabulously curled shot as though he wasn’t playing with a bouncy projectile. Footballers craft is starting to overcome the Jabulani, but it still flies too high, bounces too much, dips as you head it and… Poor Korean have to go home to their K-Pop. Should have tried harder lads, dont forget the iPods. USA Ghana was a real thriller. USA have been the comebacks specialists and Ghana gave them two chances to prove it and they took one. In the end Altidore, who really plays like England fans think Heskey plays, didnt have the forward craft of Suarez, let alone the finish. Two great African goals by Prince and Gyan has set a real African Challenge to get to the semi-final for the first time. Toumani Diabete’s jammin Symmetric Orchestra play a brilliant musical Africa Challenge;  

Preview of matches June 27; Highlights of all games are available on 48 hours after the match. In the UK BBC has highlights up straight away, but we will all be watching the match live as we know that England have an easy cricket match against Australia. England Germany is el classico of the World Cup. I was living in Germany in 1966 when England won 4-2 at Wembley and all the German wins ever since hasn’t altered their bad humour about that. For some reason I feel England will win 1-0 but history suggests losing on a penalty shoot-out. Argentina Mexico could be a steak out or a man-eating match. Mexico are resilient and well organised but the dwarf magician Maradona is letting Argentina become the conjurors of the cup. They are fabulous to watch with Veron, according to @Optastats (I have the tweet), making more passes than any playmaker in the World Cup since 1966.

England. In England it is Glastonbury Festival weekend. If you are poor you stay at home and watch it live on BBC. If you are an old-hippy (hi Lois!), or rich, you watch it in a field on the hottest day of the year so far (31C). In the rest of the World listen on BBC 6Music. With a line up featuring Gorillaz, Editors, Cribs, Muse (with The Edge!), and lots of artists we champion on this blog, we need to pick an English band to promote England. The most “English” band in the line up (sorry Damon) must be Mumford and Sons, who played a hugely popular set on the John Peel Stage on Friday, featuring, what else but the Little Lion Man of The Cave.

Germany; Germany has the biggest electronic music scene in the world according to Wikipedia. Started by Kraftwerk, although Holgar Czukay was perhaps more original, trance is now a dominant style with artists like Scooter and offshoots like trance rock, as well as many trance variations like Anthem Trance. Anthems and football go together, but trance dance is for late at night. So here is something to cheer the German team up tonight Sex, Bass and Rock N Roll in the good old 4×4. Recorded by Brooklyn Bounce, which is one of several names of the remix producers Double M & Bonebreaker, here is Sex, Bass and Rock N Roll;

Argentina; If you haven’t yet heard La Gloria off Tango 3.0, where the band imagine themselves scoring a goal in the World Cup, then do so right now; La Gloria. Unsurprisingly I a picking another Gotan track to represent Argentina, but given that this is an unusually beautiful Argentinian side and quite different to many of their earlier formations which, however skilful, were rarely beautiful (I blame all the Italians in Buenos Aires) let’s hear Diferente by Gotan Project. Stay with the YouTube playlist if you like mi confession, Diferente;  

Mexico; Mexico has seen a real mix of various Latinoamerican styles developing, often through musicians coming from other countries, like Cuba, and influencing the local styles. Rhumba, Mambo and Cha Cha Cha have all evolved in Mexico. Cumbia originates in Columbia but in Mexico a style known as Tecnocumbia has evolved. One of the biggest singing stars in Mexico was Selena until her tragic death, and she had a song called Tecno Cumbia reflecting this style. Here is Selena singing it on the TV show Siempre en Domingo, Tecno Cumbia;

No new LEGO Replays to show, I am sure there will be tomorrow if Germany win, but, despite the invention of an anti-vuvuzela hearing aid Thulazela™ Ear Guards, not everyone likes the Vuvuzela;


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