World Cup of Music June 28

Second Round Knockout Matches

Review of Matches June 27; England continued their recent dominance over the auld enemy Australia winning the tournament comfortably on Sunday. Hang on! This is a blog about soccer. Oh well, continuing our recent incompetence at international football we were thrashed by Germany 4-1. At last, after 44 years of whinging, Germany have benefitted from a goal-line refereeing error and won a game they deserved to win. If you think FIFA should bring in goal-line technology sign the petition on Facebook. Lampard overtook Jay-Jay Okocha and officially became the least-likely player to score in a World Cup. Mexico were far worse served by a refeering error when Tevez scored when offside after Mexico had the better chances early on. With Rosario gifting the ball to Higuain and Tevez smashing the shot of the tournament so far Argentine won relatively comfortably. BBC replays here, FIFA replays here. With such a devastating end to England and a number of great goals to admire we can only Look on The Bright Side of Football;  

Preview of Matches June 28; Holland have gone 21 games without defeat with 7 wins in a row and still look like they are improving. Van de Vaart finally seems to have accepted that Schnejder is better than him as the teams’ playmaker. Slovakia have one great win and the legend of 1976 to inspire them. I think Holland will play within themselves to win 2-1. Brasil Chile in the evening, despite being only 3 days since they both played last, is excitingly well-balanced, Chile having their best team since 1962 and Brasil slightly vulnerable, and could result in anything. Suazo of Chile, with 10 goals, was the leading scorer in the CONMEBOL qualifying group with Luis Fabiano of Brasil second on 9, so this could be a high scoring game. Brasil to win by one goal but with Chile capable of scaring them, or even nicking the win as they have the firepower.

Holland; Like Germany Holland has seen a huge development in dance and DJ-based club music. In 2009 Dutchman Armin van Buuren was selected as the best DJ in the world, with David Guetta at number 3 who has probably replaced him now in terms of overground success. van Buuren comes from the traditional University town of Leiden but has gone on to develop and promote club culture across Europe more than the UK DJs of the 90s. Giving a bit of an insight into that culture this is Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah with Going Wrong;  

Slovakia; In researching this Slovakia seems to lack a clear sense of identity, despite a uniquely musical shepherds flute and links with Russia throught Carpathian culture. Like much of Europe that is ex-communist a lot of metal and surly hip-hop music abounds as channels of protest. Kontrafakt are “the most controversial” hip-hop band in Slovakia and have quite a few videos on YouTube, often of live PAs. However this is Kontrafakt in more mellow mode with “Were True” Pravda Boli;

Brasil And so back to Sao Paulo but with a less typical artist Ceu. Ceu seems to be moving on from the Suba-generated chill-out sound that Bebel Gilberto sold around the world. More musical, more varied with quite a lot of reggae in the rhythms and classical allusions Ceu seems to be developing her own unique style, as the better Brasilian artists, like Devendra Benhardt and Seu Jorge tend to do.  This is Ceu and Cangote ;

Chile A key group in modern Chilean music are Los Prisioneros whose fairly traditional popular music is widely acclaimed in Latin America, Given that we are now celebrating the shift of the global power in football to the South let us take their Train to the South, along with its evocative video. Los Prisioneros and Tren el Sur ;

Still hard to find new LEGO World Cup replays but this is Ghana versus Germany from last week, both of whom are still in the World Cup, featuring one of the stars of the tournament so far, Young Turk Mesut Ozil;  


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