World Cup of Music June 29

Second Round Knockout Matches

Review of Matches June 28; Chile came, pressed, created and thrilled, but were second best to both Spain and Braassiill! Great football from Brasil in all departments extended their ten-year undefeated run against el Loco’s Chile and Brasil look strong enough to meet Argentina in the final. The refereeing, as throughout this World Cup, with the exception of one or two decisions and a couple of yellow cardistas, was excellent. Holland however, like Germany, look good enough to spoil the Latin party and, like Brasil, had too much movement and creativity about them for a tough Slovakian side.  With two more teams going home Vusi Mahlasela says “Sing Sing Africa” for Chile and Slovakia live in When You Come Back ;

Preview of Matches June 29; Paraguay Japan reveals a similar match up to yesterday’s Brasil Chile, but perhaps one notch of skill less. Paraguay are the only team to have beaten Brasil and Argentina in qualifying and have the ability to break fast in attack. Japan are in a group of second-tier teams who are brilliantly organised and frustrating, as described in Inverting The Pyramid, but with the skills of Honda on the break; and they have cracked free-kicks. Paraguay on the break or Japan on set pieces. And then there is Iberia; the beautiful movement of Spain versus the organisation and character of Portugal. On beauty Spain, on ugly Portugal.

Paraguay; is celebrating, on its music pages, the performance of Paraguayan harp artist Ismael Ledesma in the Luxembourg gardens in Paris this week. Clearly this is a music that Paraguay is proud to export and which blends Andean and Western traditions. Ismael Ledesma has his own YouTube channel which features his harp playing in a range of contexts. This is the track he chooses to highlight, and to celebrate the capital of Paraguay, Flores de Asuncion;  

Japan; Japan has it’s street hip-hop too and challenging rapper Dabo, whilst somewhat more melliflous than most Western rappers, manages to mix up Japanese and other lyrics, including English, to get past the limitations of Japanese as a language for rapping. Get Your Hands Up (& Clap?). Going a bit Yellow Magic Orchestra at the end this is Morning Zipang, as Google tells me, or as they say in Tokyo おはようジパング;  

Spain;  So what a give-away a night game is! One of my favourite Spanish bands is Amparanoia and my favourite track of theirs is en la noche, in the night. They are usually more folky than Ojos de Brujo and hang around with the endless revolutionary Manu Chao, but on this one they go a bit more romantic and sexy, turning in a good dance number, one that Pedro Dias likes, hola Pedro! En La Noche ;

Portugal; Perhaps a more interesting Portuguese musical artist than Mariza is Dulce Pontes, born in 1969, who went from being a classically trained singer to a World Music artist working with The Chieftains and Carlos Nunez, via the Eurovision Song Contest. In keeping with her wide-ranging stylistic approach her music has been used by Hollywood, in Primal Fear and Southland. Here is her most famous song which, despite her sometime working in the Trás-os-Montes style, is all about the sea. Nice video too for Canção do Mar;

LEGO; I would love to play the 4-1 thrashing by Germany in LEGO Action Replay but at the moment all we have is Frank Lampard, the only English World Record holder to emerge from the Finals, and his disallowed goal;


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  1. new billy and max tune, endtitle track in the movie bloodrayne 3: third reich. enjoy!

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