World Cup of Music June 30

Best World Cup of Music Videos (Losing Teams)

Review of Matches June 29th; The refereeing continues to be of the highest order, particularly at ignoring the pathetic histrionics of many players, only Capdevilla of Spain, twice, getting away with it. Nonetheless Spain deserved to win once Portugal’s Queiroz made a fatal substitution. Whilst Spain’s Cruyff-inspired patience is admirable they will go out to a mistake by Casillas for whom, like Shilton and Seaman, this is one tournament too far. Paraguayans, with consummate arrogance, rolled penalties past Japan as if born to penalty shoot-outs. Japan didnt spark off like before and, despite having the Jabulani ball early, missed a penalty. So let’s hear it all around the world for the best of Theme Tune so far. It must be the joyful dancing in the streets of Congotronics with Konono Number 1, Fula Fula;  

Best Music Videos South Africa 2010; Sadly the Rainbow Nation’s last game in the World Cup has been played but recommended by Hilda Kruger, here is great music by BLK JKS. Starts with a video of football from Soweto made by, giving us a real feel for the country. With a great mash-up of musical styles here are BLK JKS & Molalatladi;

South Africa; Also from South Africa with a great dance tune is DJ Mujava from Pretoria with the ‘Township Funk’ of Mugwanti

Cameroon; gives us lots of great dancefloor music with their endlessly slinky mix of High-Life and Afrobeat. This video captures the shimmying happiness of their dancing really well, living the highlife on the rooftop, and is by Petit Pays who is interested in his News Paper;

Cameroon; Whilst looking for Cameroonian Bikutsi music I discovered the video to Julius Essoka‘s Free Bees. This is a startlingly fresh mashup of West African and modern styles and has a cute and modern video. Free Bees;

Slovakia; One of the things I discovered in researching this blog is UNESCO’s recognition of the masterpieces of our intangible global oral heritage. Both Slovakia and Honduras have had recognition respectively for the fujara flute and Garifuna music. The fujara is a key instrument in modern Slovakian folk and has a quite magical sound. Here is the wonderful fujara;

In Honduras, and across Central America, especially Belize, garifuna stands out as a music with distinctly indigenous origins. The Garifuna Women’s Project involves Honduran women and has some distribution through the Putumayo and Cumbancha labels thanks to the late Andy Palacio, but this is the Honduran Garifuna Women’s Project;

Honduras also features the more mainstream Punta, a Garinagu dance music not unlike Salsa. Punta sung in Spanish, as it is here by La Banda Blanca is more popular than Garifunan music in Honduras, and Honduran Punta bands are also popular in the USA. This is a live version, played on the beach, of  Sigan Bailando

Mexico; The Latin countries seem to produce lots of joyful band music and Lila Downs seems to have a a really good live band in El Relampago They give us a great live performance on Arenita Azul;

Portugal is famous for its Fado. The extraordinarily powerful singing of Amalia Rodrigues the Rainha do Fado influenced Ennio Morricone as well as Mariza’s, who also sang Black Boat . This is more classical fado that Amalia herself developed defining what a fadista could do.  Barco Negra;

New Zealand gave us Maori Reggae and the very mellow Herbs. Their breakthrough track accurately capturing the depth of analyis we have been offered in this World Cup, Whats be Happen?;

Chile Despite the significance of Victor Jara and nueva cancion Chile’s music in recent years has been revitalised by the children of exiles from Pinochet’s regime, known as la armada chilena. Here are the winningly calm youngsters of Panico celebrating Chile’s admirable performances with FutbolGoooooollllll!

And so farewell too to France and Mexico with this replayed German LEGO reconstruction of their match together, with slo-mo goals, penalties and crazy baldheads;

Check tomorrow, July 1, for best music videos from the countries of the remaining 8 teams.


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