World Cup of Music July 1

Best Music Videos by Quarter-Final Nations

I have long enjoyed Latin music, having managed a Venezualan salsa band Spiteri, because of its percussion, so the gentle, and intense rhythms of Brasilian music have always worked for me. And I also enjoyed the nuevo tango of Argentina ever since I first heard Gotan Project’s Tripitico (video) on the Robert Elms show on Radio London (thanks Robert). So having read a year ago that Carlos Gaudel, the Frank Sinatra of Tango, was really from Uruguay and, in Alex Bellos marvellous Futebol, on Brasilian football as a way of life, that the beautiful yellow, green and blue kit of Brasil was designed by a Uruguayan, I have learnt to expect surprises from Uruguay. So my major discovery on World Cup of Music has been Hugo Fattoruso and the Afro-Uruguayan rhythms of candombe that underpin tango.

Uruguay; The Uruguayan capital of Montevideo is known as “la Capital Mundial del Candombe” and like Olodum in Salvador Brasil, Candombe underpins various local cultural activities, as this video suggests. There is also an interview with Hugo Fattoruso in the text below. A longer Candombe video is here but this is the video of Lonjas de Cuareim;

Uruguay; Montevideo also has a developing modern club scene in which female musicians play a key part. This is one of the younger trendier set of musicians called La Dulce with Jardin Japones

Argentina The boys Gotan have also released the best World Cup song since World in Motion, La Gloria; inspired by the famous Hand of God goal by Maradona this is the Gotan Project being very silly and acting out every schoolboys fantasy, describing themselves scoring a goal in the World Cup Final. Will probably be disabled by their daft record company in which case click twice on the video. La Gloria

Paraguay; a mainstream Big Band jazz community developed in Paraguay after Stroessner. Not as distinctive as Honduran punta though. A star of this music was PALITO MIRANDA and his Musica Comercial do Conservatorio de Tatuí. Palilto Miranda played alto-sax and wrote and arranged much of his music. Here is the TV version of his Barreto Blues;

Brasil; I am assuming that there will be more Bat Mucamba from Brasil so I can play more Brasilian music. As Suba’s record company disable his video’s I am going to select the Ceu video from her brilliantly distinctive new Vagarosa album, with a real grower, Cangote;

Brasil; Seu Jorge is from the favelas and deliberately fuses rock and samba styles on his most recent album America do Brasil. This, updating the music of Carnaval, is what else but Samba Rock;

Spain; The two young brothers José and David Muñoz from Cornella called Estopa, have a mixed sound style called sonido callejero and this is a current hit in Spain. Run Run (con Rosario);  

Spain; One of my favourite songs last year is by Concha Buika from the New Flamenco movement, but with traces of ambient and cool jazz. She has a Flamenco-inspired texture to her voice, where you can hear rough and smooth; and then it just touches you. Buika with La Falsa Moneda

GhanaGhanaian Hiplife is a joyful modern dance music that has been around for some years, since 1980 in fact. Hiplife, as you can hear is a fusion of Highlife and hip-hop. Most dancers take their hoplife to the floor where they show off their hiplife moves. Hiplife is light and danceable, the music is uplifting and the videos are amusing. Here is Reggie Zippy featuring Nightmare singing Virgin

Ghana; this might be my favourite discovery of the World Cup the Big Tings from Ghana West Africa; the terrific hip-hop of Bollie. Hello to my many readers in Ghana! Bollie have a great drum sound and sing on the brilliant You May Kiss the Bride (official Bollie video here)  This is great stuff and it makes you want to MMMwah! Kiss The Bride;  

Germany trounce Ingerland 4-1; Finally the action replay with Goal Line technology (join the Facebook group here) now approved by Sepp Blatter and a goalie who doesn’t know when he is beaten. That’s the spirit. LEGO recreate England’s World Cup, enjoy;


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