World Cup of Music July 2nd

Quarter Finals

Preview of Matches July 2nd; From now on there are matches that could have been the Final and Brasil Holland is one of those. Could go either way with both teams very solid in defence. Sneijder has probably been the playmaker of the tournament and Robben can shred any defence, but Brasil offer invention all over the pitch and should prevail; yellow-orange dayglo heaven. Uruguay and Ghana have been the revelations of the tournament musically, see yesterday’s post for more. Very even match with Forlan and Suarez able to score from anywhere whilst Gyan and Prince-Boateng offering a similar threat. If it goes to extra time then Ghana to win, but on penalties then Uruguay. So in tribute to South Africa’s wonderfully noisy staging of the World Cup and African’s continuing footballing presence in Ghana, todays Theme Tune is the wonderful Salif Keita and Africa;

Holland; Much as I love Dutch keyboard players it turns out that their DJ’s are more successful these days. I’ve long been a fan of Junkie XL remixes, thanks to his ability to turn Coldplay into a driving dance band and, guess what, turns out that Junkie XL, like Armin van Buuren (video) is Dutch, so here is his video remix of Zerotonine ;

Brasil; Brasil’s wide-ranging music scene runs from favela-based music like Afro-Reggae to high-class Classical like Villa Lobos to intelligent degree students and Ministers like the “Brasilian John Lennon” Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil. Whilst Europe and America took to the streets in 1968 Brasilian musicians tried to bring down the government with the pop-cultural carnival of the Troplicalistas and their Tropical Truths. The top rock band of that time were The Mutants, who completely took the piss out of North American culture in the lovingly ironic Baby. Aqui eles são, então, Os Mutantes e Baby;

Uruguay;  The Uruguyan equivalent of Veloso might be Hugo Fattoruso. My man Hugo started in rough and ready rock bands in the sixties and slowly became a Uruguayan ethno-musicologist. Now he has the ability to integrate high art and low culture in the studio and in the streets thanks to his use of candombe. Here is a track from his most recent 2009 album, with a recording made in 2008.    Hugo Fattoruso y Rey Tambor Emotivo with Tambores;

Ghana; Ghana seems to be full of irresistable dance music and hiplife seems to have an endless supply of it. Let’s hope Ghana continue in the competition so they allow me offer much more of this music. From the fifth best Hiplife album of all time we have Obour with a live version of Konkontiba;  

LEGO; It is getting hard to include comedy videos as the DRM rights holders are providing an onslaught of taking down embedded YouTube videos or ones with samples. I blame rubbish billionaire Guy Hands at EMI, what did the Sex Pistols say about EMI in Holland? So here is a claymation movie instead featuring a win by, yes our musical favourites, Ghana;

If you enjoy World Cup of Music and live in London then the Horniman Museum has a free World City Music Village Festival on Saturday July 3rd from 1pm to 6pm, outside in the Gardens.


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