World Cup of Music July 3rd

Quarter Finals

Preview of Matches July 3rd; Well as predicted Uruguay won on penalties but Brasil threw away a winning position against a relentless Holland. Will this lead to a repeat of  the 1974 Final between Holland and Germany? I thought the final would be between Brasil & Argentina so I will stay with Argentina, which might mean that we get a repeat of the 1978 Final between Holland and Argentina if Argentina win in normal time; Germany could nick it on penalties. So the predictions that Latin America might rule the world might prove a little premature. Paraguay and Spain doesnt seem too hard to predict, but I think Spain need to get ahead early and not let Paraguay either shut them down or start to believe they can nick it; Spain to win in normal time else Paraguay on penalties. Musically we’ve just lost two wonderful musical nations in Brasil and Ghana, and today I much prefer the music from Argentina and Spain, which doesn’t bode well. So with Brasil going out to a high Sneijder cross todays Theme Tune is by CSS, from Sao Paulo, and Listen to Death from Above;  

Argentina Wherever you look at charts around the world they are usually dominated by the same artists, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, the Black-Eyed Peas and so on. Currently Number 12 in the Argentinian album charts (with the Beatles Revolver having just gone in at Number 5) are the wonderful Bajofondo Music Club. Here is a marvellous track from the album with a decent video, with a title suggesting who they might meet in the next round, Borges and Paraguay;

Germany; Well the multi-culti German team, infused with the youth of Ozil and Muller from last years’ Under 21 team, have picked themselves a multi-culti theme tune, selected by the German-Tunisian box-to-box player Sami Khedira, who has brought the German-Tunisian artist Bushido into the dressing room to provide them with their theme tune. Want to know what it is like to be a German footballer before a game? Then listen to Bushido featuring Kay One  and Fackeln im Wind Torches in the Wind ;

Paraguay; I’ve been to the Paraguay, well the border town of , and it seem to be a multi-coloured hallucinatory but damp blend of Andean Indian and Almodovar’s Spain. Iguacu. The team is hard-working and quite dour despite their bright shirts, but Asuncion is alive with the thrill of being in the last 6 of the World Cup. So here is some rousing Paraguayan acoustic guitar music from Los Jaraneros with their Musica Paraguaya and Pajaro Campana;  

Spain; Like Argentina the Spanish charts are dominated at the moment by music sung in English, probably due to the ubiquity of mass media. However the boys Fito Y Fitipaldis have a big Spanish hit with their bones of kisses. Not sure if this is a dressing room favourite, I’m sure the Spanish team have divers taste but, with a good video, here is the slightly sad Los huesos de los besos;

LEGO; If you want a fun graphic letting you now who is the most popular player each day try the NY Times Top World Cup Player. However just to cheer up the Ghanaians, and especially the magnificent Asamoah Gyan who was entirely immense for Ghana, except for his first penalty (someone said on Twitter that he compressed 6 years of Stuart Pearce’s experience into 6 minutes), here they are disposing of the entirely plastic USA;

NEXT World Cup of Music July 6th 2010


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