World Cup of Music July 6


P/Review of Matches July 3/6/7; So it does look like a Holland Germany final after all; now there is a local derby to savour. Next Sunday I suggest you get over to Holland, wear some Oranje, neck down some Oranjeboom and hope the third-time lucky rule kicks in for the Soldiers of Orange. Given how unpredictable this World Cup has been however it might be won by street-fighter Suarez in the Final slipping it passed Casillas, who is due a monumental mistake with someone sharper that Roque Santa Cruz following up. Villa already deserves a winner’s medal as he is carrying European Champions Spain. Paraguay were immense until Nelson Valdez went off , suggesting that a great counter-attacking side can defeat Spain. Sadly Ghana, like Paraguay, missed a penalty that would have put them through; penalty heart-ache ruled Accra. Despite tipping them as dark horses I just can’t see Uruguay beating Holland but, whilst Germany are stronger, Spain are capable of unlocking any defence when Iniesta puts Villa through. So todays Theme Tune is some joyous Ghanaian Hiplife to thank them for their great performances. Trosky Blackman (featuring Osofo Mafia) with their Italianate BlackStar Football Anthem;  

Nederland; Warning! I will wear my oranje Cruyff #14 shirt today. Every time I’ve worn a shirt so far that team has been knocked out. Musically I’d take Uruguay over Holland who seemed to have had a good proggy 70s and been mostly dance and trance in the nineties and noughties. Looking at the Dutch charts it isnt surprising to see World Cup songs dominating, Shakira at #2 and Knaan at #3 with their fabulously out-of-date videos. Number one in Holland is “We don’t speak any Americano” by Aussies Yolanda no Cool channelling Italian jazz.  Of course in the World Cup on July 6th it is true that “We don’t speak any Americano”

Uruguay. Dont forget to check out the amazing Hugo Fattoruso, musically more chameleon even than the Brasilian Caetano Veloso and arguably an example of what would have happened if John Lennon had turned into Philip Glass; but with more rhythm. From what I can tell Jaime Roos is more popular in Uruguay than Fattoruso, and his sound is more Brazilian to me. He has that big band sound you get across Latin America, but with great rhythm. Hmm, his vamo arriba la celeste is used when the Uruguayan team walk out for home games at Montevideo. He promised a vuvuzela version for South Africa but luckily this is a fans video based on Uruguay’s 2010 success in South Africa. So here is the Uruguyuan musical fan Jaime Roos with Vamo Arriba La Celeste ;

Germany; obviously the Bushido theme tune works for Germany if not for me or their opponents. Rammstein are one of their biggest groups capable of selling out large stadiums like, er, may people. This is a witty use of Rammstein video material with a more Bavarian theme, Bayern des samma mia. A full translation of the lyrics can help understand the beauty of the Purity law and their love for Wheat Beer. Rammstein with Bayern Des Samma Mia;

Spain; I went to a Spanish BLAZE! concert at the Barbican in London last night featuring the Flamenco Piano of Chano Dominguez. Following the Ketama-style Jazz-Flamenco Spanish Key fusion of Dave Holland and Pepe Habichuela, Chano’s quartet with hand claps and Flamenco dance steps was a percussively melodic trampling of the classical stage; rousing fun. What is that funny tea-chest box drum Spanish drummers sit on? Oh, the Cajon! This is the nearest performance I can find on YouTube to last nights terrific performance, a video from 2 years ago which starts to hit the heights in the second half, but with a fuller band. Chano Dominguez with Oye Cómo Viene

LEGOFUSSBALL; no doubt that Germany is leading the world in creativity at this World Cup. Fabian Moritz is the star of LEGO action replays so here is his, and the national team’s, finest moment rubbishing the Premier League. Goals and red faces then it is England 1/2 Germany 4. And just to prove it wasn’t a fluke the multiculti Germans did it to Argentina, in Arabic; The Rest 0 Germany 4

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  1. […] the track I picked to complement Cumbia en Menor, and for Holland on World Cup of Music, is the massive global hit of 2010 We Speak No Amerciano by Yolanda Be Cool. Play them back to back […]

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