World Cup of Music Final

Finals July 11th

Well I picked a final between Brasil and Spain, with Uruguay as dark horses and Domenech (France) to crash out at the group stage, so I feel fairly satisfied in the tipster department. England did exactly as predicted in “Why England Lose” and the ELO World Football rankings rated Spain and Holland Numbers 1& 2 before the tournament, so no surprises for them. However in todays Spain Holland Final we have At Last The Johann Cruyff Show, with Cruyffesque Spain reflecting the influence of his style on Barcelona, and the post-Cruyff Dutch team reflecting his arrogance. Well done to Bert van Marwijk for managing the team’s egos, and really well done to Rafael van der Vaart for helpfully getting injured at the right time. In terms of the final we have a team that dominate around 80% of their games, then score one goal, playing a team who only fire for 40% of their games but score 2 goals. Spain are also the team most fouled against, whilst Holland commit the most fouls (hello Marc van Bommel!), so it could be ugly between goals. Having tipped them as finalists and loving their pass and move style (unlike the UK journalist on the BBC last week who wonder why they never hoof the ball upfield to add some excitement) I expect Spain to win, just like Paul the Octopus. However I have a funny feeling that Casillas is going to make a howler and gift the Dutch a goal, which Sneijder will claim as he “forced it.” Whatever, at the end of the match we will all be able to go Ghanian, celebrate hiplife and Kiss The Bride; Holland; Apparently star man Sneijder loves the celebrity Ashley life style, dating the Dutch Cheryl Cole, but is regarded as a bit bling by the post-Calvinist Dutch. Even so he has generated a massive tribute song in Holland aimed at Her Majesty who, going on the video, seems to fancy Ruud Gullit more. There is a full list of crazy Dutch football songs, but here is Youp & Guus (watch the film at the back of the video!), the Dutch answer to The Beatles, who give and go at just the right time, with Majesteit; Spain; Having reached the final Spain have been honoured with a song and video celebrating the inevitability of their win, it’ll be Number 1 or Number 1001 tomorrow, but in the meantime let’s enjoy it and its cheerful Vamos Muchachas mood In The Spirit of a Dream; Review of Third Place Game; Terrific match with both Uruguay and Germany showing their capabilities and intentions for the World Cup in Brasil in 2014. My man of the tournament is Diego Forlan, because he added the creative difference to Uruguay, and he scored another great goal actually putting Uruguay ahead in the second half. Then the professional approach to fitness that Klinsmann brought from America in 2006 told and Germany, with help from poor keeping from Maslera, ran out winners. Germany; Fit, powerful with Music non-stop. Lots of German fan videos on YouTube, but here is a quite witty cartoon asking Joachim Low to “Give Me Hope.” Interesting how this, and other videos, feature Ballack, who went missing as usefully as van der Vaart. A German friend (hi Nobert) said he thought Germany would be better without Ballack as it would let their good young players come through. Didnt it just? Appropriately based on Eddie Grant’s Give Me Hope Joanna (Johannesburg) this is Jetzt Basta with Gimme Hope Joachim; Uruguay; Did you know that Google lays on 57 filters on you when you search? It assumes you are only interested in hyper-local info and products; targetted advertising. So tracking down interesting stuff from other continents in other languages is tough. I cant find much from Uruguay different to what I have already discussed (Hugo Fattoruso and candombe) but musically Uruguay have been the discovery of the tournament fro me. I have found this, the lovely loping candombe jazz music of Ruben Rada, now preparing new music for 2011. Here is his slightly regretful Cha Cha Muchacha; Thank You South Africa; Thanks to all in South Africa, including Cape Town’s Bush Radio on the web and @fredhatman on Twitter, for making this a wonderfully memorable World Cup (despite FIFA’s efforts with the projectile also know as the Jabulani). Here is my favourite South African video from the past month by BLK JKS with Molalatladi; LEGO; The UK Guardian has been collecting all the LEGO World Cup videos on its LEGO Fussball page. But here is the video that shows why Holland, thanks to Sneijder, are in the final rather than Brasil. LEGO Holland Brasil

NEXT POST; World of Music Africa July 17 2010.


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