Radio YouTube; a chance to check out new music I like once a month. I’m Fred Garnett and this radio blog (!) was born from one failed project, my plan to set up a podcasting radio show, and one successful project, my Beatles YouTube Album; this is Beatles-free however. The podcasting radio show would be a problem as I would have to pay for your to download my show! Like New Order with Blue Monday where the 12″ sleeve cost more to make than the record brought in as revenue (and it is the biggest selling 12″ of all time – do the Math), the more popular the show became (if only!) the more it would cost me. I would need my own server for that, or iTunes distribution; hmm. So this is my “knowledge punk” solution.

Much as I love the Beatles this is a Beatles free zone because, having bought the, admittedly wonderful, Remasters and written about them for the best part of last year I am, like, bored of listening to them. I usually ignore the Beatles for a couple of years, then hear something afresh and go on a Beatles fest for a few months before putting them back in the box. It’s  About That Time to quote the immortal Miles Davis.

So this is a monthly music blog, designed as a radio show. For those of you missing the Observer Music Monthly (the only award winning music publication shut down by its publisher at the height of its powers) and, sadly, Charlie Gillett, this might provide an alternative to the Deserted Cities of the Heart that is Simon Cowell land, and reflect cultural diversity a little more. And a word on “embedding disabled by request”; I’m not doing anything illegal. As I understand it YouTube only pay a micropayment to record companies for those artists whose videos are played on YouTube itself; embedding fails to generate that vital 0.001p. I have bought pretty much all of the music I play and am playing it to encourage your interest and purchases. You can double click on any video and go to YouTube directly if you wish, or buy from iTunes when prompted, or select the iTunes Playlist for each post which always works. Links launch new windows (ok Nigel?)

Each post starts off as an iTunes playlist that I work on until it works for me as a mixtape. Then I take that to YouTube to find lots of problems, no videos, boring videos, corporate videos, disabled videos (come on guys this is 21st Century promotion), so this post is always a compromise! I try to alternate my monthly new music updates with “themed” specials so watch out for the following; (‘Brasil’ & ‘Better Live than on Recordings’)

Last Post; November 2010! a standard look at the new music that has interested me recently lead off by Rumer and a great bunch of female Musicians

Next Post; December 2010! A Goose Club mash-up for our unOffice Christmas party at The Watermark in Hoxton December 2nd. Will try to DJ using this blog, come along!

If you liked this 2010 pick you might like my 2009 Mashup. Warning! Contains Beatles!! Also Miike Snow, U2, The Cribs, We Are The People, Zero 7, Bassekou Kouyate, Norah Jones, Bad Lieutenant and Samba Toure…


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