My 5 Favourite 2010 Albums

Five Albums That I Love

I have provided links to a number of new albums, especially in the March and May programmes of Radio YouTube, but of those some sound great on first play, like San Patricio, and some stay on the turntable, er or on digital repeat. Currently I have 5 albums that have remanied at the top of my playlists.

1. Vampire Weekend; Contra. They think I’m a Contra, well I am. I think Paul Simon’s best album is Rhythm of The Saints where he added a Latin, Brasilian sensibility to the African sounds of Gracelands. Vampire Weekend have achieved this in just two albums and Contra is much better than the very fine first album. Check my Vampire Weekend Mix on YouTube too.

2 Tunng; And Then They Saw Land. Dunno, are they the new Incredible String Band or simply better than that? I bought this with a live DVD over the Web from Tunng and its sound mixes swirl together like the very best web mashes. Original and inevitable at the same time. Can this take folk Overground like TFL? Seductively brilliant; let them take over you ears.

3 Field Music. Has a (Measure) of greatness to this double album. The xTc of the new Millenium  (Apple Venus is still seriously under-rated) or The Smiths meet alt.Americana? If they had four voices they’d be the new Beach Boys. Footloose and fancy-free Indie. This years Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix with a conscience; expect even more blistering working from them as they take on the new ConDem coalition.

4. Laura Marling; I Speak Because I Can. Laura Marling is jaw-droppingly good; play her back to back with Nick Drake and her wonderfully breathy voice and intelligent songs hold up as their styles complement each other. The album is one of those the record company got to on production I think, like Bryter Layter. Led Zep 3 meets Anthems in Eden anyone? Great artist on every level.

5. Kottarashky; Opa Hey! The Best Estern European album in some years, takes the Electric Gypsyland work of producers like Shantell and makes a coherent album; infectious. The surprise World Album of 2010 of Balkan music by a “digital master musician” and may remain the best of the year. This years Staff Benda Bilili.


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