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World Cup of Music June 22

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Final Games; Groups A & B

Review of Matches June 21; The games continue to get better despite bad weather and referees. Portugal swept past a tired North Korea, no Motherland love for them then, but with 7 goals this time. Portugal’s intelligent movement suggests they are ready for Brasil. Chile Switzerland was immense, despite a fussy school teacher of a ref, with non-stop Chile passing their way around the well organised mountains of  Switzerland; probably the best coached team of the tournament. It must have been a Chile Sunday Fondue after all. With France seemingly on their way out, in disgrace as always with Domenech, and the Latins taking over, with both Uruguay and Argentina playing today, we must select Last Tango in Paris as todays Theme Tune. Written in Paris for the Bertolucci film, by Argentinian jazz exile Gato Barbieri, Gotan Project (who have a World Cup remix competition) recently revitalised this and play a great live version. Last Tango in Paris; Continue reading


World Cup of Music June 18

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Second Games June 18

Review of matches June 17; More matches mattered so more excitement, ranging from the quality of Argentina’s football to the entirely predictable lack of intelligence from Domenech’s France who, as we predicted, are effectively out now. Mexico, like Chile, are quick and exciting, outplaying and out thinking France, and should qualify with Uruguay. Anyone notice how many Man City & Man Utd players have scored? A completely pointless red card decided Nigeria’s fate when they were leading, and Greece, but perhaps not coach Rehagel, discovered that if you attacked the other side they make mistakes. Korea were overwhelmed by Messi but did score, so must have hopes of qualifying; their final match with Greece could be a cracker. Todays Theme Tune is Tebe by Kottarashky from Bulgaria as we have have two Slavic teams playing today. The YouTube playlist of all these songs is on fredg136; Continue reading

World Cup of Music June 17

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Second Games June 17

Review of Matches June 16; Some real shocks at last with Spain, so good that they can leave Fabregas on the bench, losing 1-0 to Hitzfeld’s incredibly well-organised Switzerland, recently defeated by Luxembourg. Iker Casillas looks shot as a goalie to me, much re-organisation needed by the yet-to-be anointed Iberians. Switzerland didn’t tire but South Africa did, ripped apart by Europa League star goal-scorer Forlan. Chile were a well-organised constant threat and even Honduras don’t look easy. Spain might need a hatful against them. The ball however is pants, or lederhosen as it is made by Adidas. Seemingly built by NASA it is kept at the same pressure at sea-level and altitude. Todays Theme Tune is the outrageously catchy and bewitchingly daft Konono No 1 by Congotronics; Continue reading

World Cup of Music 2010 June 12

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Vote for Matches Saturday June 12

Review of Matches Friday June 11

South Africa started with the best opening goal I can remember, Shabalala’s goal reminded me of Dalglish putting Rush through with a Brasilian finish; Mexico kept going. Uruguay v France was in M Hulot territory, Domenech falling out with his best player before the game. Uruguay looked limited but effective. France calmed down to gain a point.

Group B South Korea v Greece

South Korea; Represented here by the K-Pop of Korean Music TV. I’ve looked at a few of these K-Pop videos and to me they look like Simon Cowell’s choice of music for a Clockwork Orange droogscape. Frighteningly on the money. Let’s hope there is more than Route One to come from South Korea. – Magic by One Way;   Continue reading

World Cup of Music A-D

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Groups A-D

World Cup of Music is a series of blog posts following the World Cup in South Africa through the music of each country. I’m not an expert on the music of the 32 countries, but I am interested in it. I will provide links to the wikpedia page for each national football team which are constantly updated. I will respond to each country’s music in the way that it interests me; historic, Pop or World. I intend to “play” each match by getting you to vote on the videos selected which will change for each “match.” There is a very good overview of South African Music by Neil Spencer with a link to related online musical resources at Spotify. I wanted to use one of the Township whistlers tunes as a theme tune for these posts but The Solven Whistlers aren’t on YouTube and Tom Hark is poorly served. So straight into Group A.

Group A; features South Africa, Mexico, France and Uruguay; perm any two from four. This is tough for South Africa but French manager Domench is in a private battle with Maradona on who can do worst with the best resources. South Africa are at home and did well in the Confederation Cup last year, Uruguay are one of my dark horses as Diego Forlan scores great goals in the World Cup and won the Europa Cup for Atletico Madrid, and Mexico usually get out of the group they are in, so a very evenly poised group. Can France leave out Nasri and ace forward Benzema and still survive? I doubt it! So June 22nd at 3pm will be shootout time. Interesting? Very interesting!

South Africa v Mexico; June 11th.

South Africa has a great musical history. Even before Paul Simon highlighted some of the township jive musicians on Graceland, Johnny Clegg had toured Europe and Hugh Masakela was well-known in the USA and UK. The Indestructible Beat of Soweto highlighted more  grassroots music in the 80s, and some of the current music is covered on Ayobaness; South African House. So here is DJ Mujava from Pretoria with the ‘Township Funk’ of Mugwanti;  Continue reading