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World Cup of Music June 30

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Best World Cup of Music Videos (Losing Teams)

Review of Matches June 29th; The refereeing continues to be of the highest order, particularly at ignoring the pathetic histrionics of many players, only Capdevilla of Spain, twice, getting away with it. Nonetheless Spain deserved to win once Portugal’s Queiroz made a fatal substitution. Whilst Spain’s Cruyff-inspired patience is admirable they will go out to a mistake by Casillas for whom, like Shilton and Seaman, this is one tournament too far. Paraguayans, with consummate arrogance, rolled penalties past Japan as if born to penalty shoot-outs. Japan didnt spark off like before and, despite having the Jabulani ball early, missed a penalty. So let’s hear it all around the world for the best of Theme Tune so far. It must be the joyful dancing in the streets of Congotronics with Konono Number 1, Fula Fula;   Continue reading


World Cup of Music June 29

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Second Round Knockout Matches

Review of Matches June 28; Chile came, pressed, created and thrilled, but were second best to both Spain and Braassiill! Great football from Brasil in all departments extended their ten-year undefeated run against el Loco’s Chile and Brasil look strong enough to meet Argentina in the final. The refereeing, as throughout this World Cup, with the exception of one or two decisions and a couple of yellow cardistas, was excellent. Holland however, like Germany, look good enough to spoil the Latin party and, like Brasil, had too much movement and creativity about them for a tough Slovakian side.  With two more teams going home Vusi Mahlasela says “Sing Sing Africa” for Chile and Slovakia live in When You Come Back ; Continue reading

World Cup of Music June 25

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Final Games; Groups G & H

Review of Matches June 24; And the shocks just keep on coming! Perhaps not? Italy had been dire but we expected their football smarts to see them through as they did in 2006. Despite Italy scoring 2 late goals once Pirlo came on Lippi got his desserts and Slovakia played as though they were the 1976 European Champions, Czechoslovakia. The dangerous Paraguay went through after their expected bore draw. In Group E Japan went epic as expected and scored two wonderful free kicks with Honda outstanding. Holland move smoothly through the gears and look good for the semis at the moment, as do Japan. Abavuki are a Cape Town musical collective and just released a terrific album called Africa Got Soul.  With South Africa out we will have to keep their music going. I prefer Shame, Shame, Shame, but for all the babies left at home by the footballers this is Papa Was Rolling Stone; Continue reading

World Cup of Music June 24

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Final Games; Groups E & F

Review of Matches June 23; So the inevitable happened, which Beckenbauer picked up a long time before the tunnel-vision British press, and England and Germany contrived to meet in the second round. Ghana could have drawn with, or even beaten Germany until Mesut Ozil hit a fabulous goal, but they looked strong throughout. Australia took out the uneven Serbs, which worked for Ghana, whilst Algeria defended stoutly but could have lost by a hatful until the resilient Landon Donovan added to his record total of goals for the USA to take them through. With the Bavarian beer girls being acquitted and the web, social media and Twitter being emptied of Yanks this evening the Theme Tune has to be LCD (Landon Champion Donovan) Soundsystem and Drunk Girls; Continue reading

World Cup of Music June 19

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Second Games June 19

Review of Matches June 18; another day of exciting developments, real football, missing persons; oh and Germany missed a penalty! A Spanish ref helped Serbia take Germany apart with a great goal; USA v Slovenia was a real thriller, the teams matching each other for skill and invention; the Yanks win 2-2, this time on disallowed goals, in the match of the tournament so far. England lost 0-0 this time, but then they didn’t turn up. Football is a game of two teams and England weren’t one of them, whilst Algeria played with freedom and improved on their 2010 African Nations Cup Semi-Final when they froze after destroying the  favourites Cote d’Ivoire in the Quarters. So with African football having a significant impact yesterday, and with Malian referee M. Coulibaly determining that the USA won on disallowed goals, there can only be one possible Theme Tune today; Coulibaly by the award winning Amadou and Mariam. Here they are at Bonnaroo 2009 in the USA warning Yanks not to trust referee Coulibaly Continue reading

World Cup of Music G

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Music of Countries in Group G

Review of Matches Monday June 14

So two of the traditional favourites, Italy and Holland, played yesterday and both had tricky matches. Holland were up against a well-organised and hard-working Danish side but, after a helpful own goal, showed some class with Sneijder playing the best pass of the tournament so far to put through Elia; Kuyt following up to score and Elia showing that the Dutch have no need to rush Robben back. Like Germany, Holland looked a good side, but with more room for improvement. Being well-organised and hard-working Japan forced a win off Cameroon, for whom Paul Le Guen revealed himself as a Daft Coach just like Domenech, by playing his one world-class striker Eto’o as a winger. Le Guen has Cameroon well-disciplined and following the kind of instructions that will get them eliminated. Japan attacked without the directness of South Korea but were better organised with Nakazawa immense in defence. I expected Italy v Paraguay to be a draw as Paraguay had beaten Argentina and Brasil in qualifying and Italy aren’t as strong as 2006. Despite keeping their best strikers on the bench Paraguay well organised 4-4-2 proved hard to break-down until yet another goal-keeping error gifted them an equalizer, after which they looked good. At the moment the Jabulani ball looks like a missile designed by a scientist with no understanding of the tactile nature of football; too round, too bouncy and too much like a projectile. Goalies cant judge the bounce and free-kicks go into Row Z.

Group F; New Zealand v Slovakia June 15

New Zealand; have a mixed musical tradition that is both modern and Maori, its geographic isolation. I’ve been aware of it since the Easybeats in the 60s when the Beatles-driven British Invasion kicked in and prompted the development of a popular music industry in New Zealand. There is the typically broad range of music covering traditional, classical and popular styles available you expect from modern economies and is well covered by the Centre for New Zealand Music SOUNZ. Creatively driven by New Zealander Neil Finn, who with his brother Tim was awarded the OBE for services to New Zealand music, the classic Antipodean group Crowded House are globally successful. New single Saturday Sun is happy enough to see their fans through the heartache of this World Cup experience; Saturday Sun Continue reading

World Cup of Music E-F

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Music of Countries in Groups E-F

Group E; features the football of Cameroon, Denmark, Holland and Japan. Three continents and four traditions of music. This is one of the toughest groups with all teams capable of qualifying. The Netherlands have the edge, but will need to be at their best throughout to come top. Holland look like they can mature with van Persie and Robben returning and ranked 4th by FIFA, but highly-rated Cameroon have ace goal-scorer Eto’o, who moved from Barcelona to Inter so he could retain the Champions League; and they have won the African Cup of Nations. Coach Morten Olsen, part of the Dutch team that won the 1992 European Championship, is the only footballer with 100 matches both as player and coach. Whilst Danish footballers play all over Europe most of the Japanese team play in the J-League, although Nakamura is a Celtic Legend, and feel like the outsiders in this company. Fascinating group that will stay live until 9.30 pm on June 24th, especially if Japan get something out of the first game.

Holland v Denmark June 14

Holland; has a musical history that I have been involved in, having written a review of Supersister and Robert Jan Stips for Melody Maker. Dutch music was dominated by Nederpop, when music was inspired by the explosion of popular music in the USA and UK. The early seventies where a time when the Milkweg, and especially the Paradiso, Club in Amsterdam meant all the best bands wanted to play in Holland. Golden Earring, Shocking Blue and Focus, whose Hocus Pocus in the soundtrack for the Nike Rooney ad, all went mega with contemporary 70s styles. Unlike Germany which developed the unique music sounds of Krautrock, music in Holland was less reflective of the national character. They have had a good jazz tradition starting with the Dutch Swing College Band in 1945 and have had a light jazz tradition ever since. Do they have a chance? Dont Ask – Wouter Hemel! Continue reading